Windows Media Center Live TV Mode at Startup

If you want to watch TV with your windows media center, you normally have to click on the icon find your tv section, and click around till you get to live TV. It's more than a little annoying if all you ever do is watch tv. Limit the amount of clicking around by creating a direct shortcut that will take you to live TV when you click on the Windows Media Icon.

Windows Media Center Automatic Live TV at Startup

Download Windows Media Center (Live TV).lnk

Simply download the link above and put it on your desktop or start menu (make sure you change the extension to .lnk if your browser changed it). Double click and you will be taken right to live TV.

The above link is the standard windows media center link, with the following modification

target is set to: %windir%\ehome\ehshell.exe "/mcesuperbar://tv?live=true" which allows direct start of windows meda center in live TV mode.